A 1:1 coaching program to deepen your intuition & empower you in your unique feminine
expression to own your desires, live your truth, and have confidence in your decisions -
so that you can make the changes you're itching to make and get on with your badass life.

For centuries, moving through life as a woman has meant:

Quieting your opinions
Changing your actions to accommodate the comfort of others
Making huge life choices based on other people's opinions
Doubting your intuition

Second-guessing yourself
Being told you're "crazy" when you follow your heart
Thinking your desires are "too much" or wrong
Avoiding desired changes out of perceived obligation to others
Not taking care of your needs for fear of being called selfish

...People-pleasing in so, so many ways.

Abandoning yourself in so many ways.

Not trusting your inner voice in so many ways...


I'm here to break the cycle with you.

When you break the pattern in yourself,

you break it in your bloodline

you break it for your ancestors,

your community,

for all womxn. 


Embodied Intuition is a 12-week, one-on-one coaching program that guides you to deepen your intuition, trust yourself, gain confidence in your decision-making, and step into greater flow with your most desired way of living.


       If you...

  • Second-guess yourself

  • People-please

  • Are unsure in your decisions

  • Feel like you don't know what you want

  • Are not 100% content with your life

  • Feel you're not living your dreams

  • Get stuck trying to keep everyone else happy

  • Are afraid to rock the boat

  • Act as the peacekeeper at your own sacrifice

  • Struggle to know the best or "right" choice

  • Aren't able to fully realize your deepest desires/goals

  • Have been told you're "too much" or "not enough"

  • Have been told you're "crazy" in moments where you felt free

  • Feel guilt or shame for some of your desires,

  • and this holds you back from doing what you want.

  • Are afraid to speak your truth for fear you'll hurt others

  • Typically seek outside validation/confirmation before making a decision

  • Feel like what you "should" do is in conflict with what you want

...then you are in the right place.


I have walked in those shoes. I have been on that path. I know what it's like to constantly second-guess decisions, to hold myself back from what I want because it's not what others want. I know what it's like to live just below satisfaction...Each day feeling like I'm living for others, and what they desire, rather than following my own path.

Each day with a deep sensation of longing for something more. 



it's embodiment.





This is freedom. And when you choose to liberate yourself, trust me, YOU'LL BE UNSTOPPABLE. And the best part is...when womxn become unstoppable, they HEAL. They heal themselves, their families, their communities, and the WORLD. When you take the leap to trailblaze your own path towards liberated living, you liberate everyone around you. When you become more embodied in your intuition, you show others how to do the same.

All you have to do is choose yourself, first.

I work with womEn who DESIRE:

  • Confidence in decision-making

  • A strong intuition you can rely on

  • Clarity in what you want, and how to get it

  • Release from shame & guilt

  • Empowered living that benefits you,
    those around you & beyond

  • Unshakable self-trust

  • Freedom to be your most authentic self

  • Feminine flow and empowerment in life, rather than feeling trapped in "should"s & outside opinions

  • The ability to live your deepest
    desires, dreams & purpose


  • The confidence to choose yourself, invest in yourself, and believe you are worth what it takes to align with your desires & mission in this life


  • If you're looking for a quick-fix, or for someone else to solve your problems for you, this is not the answer.​

  • This kind of work takes commitment. It asks a lot of you in time, energy, and devotion. It's not about learning a strategy or method. It's about embodying a whole new way of being. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: "Am I willing to make a big energetic investment in myself?" When your answer is YES, I am excited to welcome you in!

  • If you're not ready to commit to 12 weeks of deep energetic work, with at least a couple hours per week of focused attention, then this is not for you. 

  • If you have deep trauma that needs to be addressed, I recommend doing so with a licensed therapist. While all of you is welcome in our journey together, and I will bring my trauma-informed knowledge and lived experience to support you, unhealed trauma is best addressed first with a therapist. Therapy is a great place to heal the past. Coaching is the ideal place to address the future/your goals.


  • 12 one-on-one virtual coaching sessions 

  • Support via voice and text messaging between sessions

  • Somatic practices

  • Embodied journaling 

  • Tapping AKA Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Guided meditations

  • Breathwork

  • Creative movement

  • Intuitive Movement

  • Dance

  • Feminine empowerment practices

  • Inner child work

  • & so much more, tailored to your specific needs and desires


  • Over our 12 weeks together, you have up to 12 virtual coaching sessions with me. Some clients choose to take a week or two off for more integration time.

  • Virtual coaching sessions typically last about 1 hour, but can vary slightly based on what best serves you that day.

  • You will be able to reach me between sessions by voice message, so your support in the process is continual.

  • Your presence in each sessions, as well as your dedication to your inner work between sessions, is required in order to experience true transformation. Your energetic investment is just as important as your time and money.


I believe in you. You are worthy of living your dreams. You are worthy of experiencing all you desire. Your purpose on this planet is BIG and I am here to help you step into it. It's time to let your intuition guide you into your most embodied, empowered way of being.

your journey to
embodied intuition

For intuition to flow freely to us, we have to create the inner channels. To create the channels, we move through three main paths of embodiment:




During this part of the program, you'll learn to activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), which calms your body down. From this calm place, you are able to be more resourceful, see more possibilities, and make wiser, more aligned choices. This is foundational to all healing work, and all true transformation. Without first being rooted, you cannot get far in your personal growth work. And remember, it's not about knowing how to be grounded - it's about BEING it, LIVING it, EMBODYING it. We will do this through several modalities including:
- Somatic awareness

- Guided Meditation

- Breathwork

- Lifestyle changes

- Movement practices

...& of course, through our coaching sessions themselves, and understanding any blocks or triggers your have that will be useful to work with in your process of rooting.


This is the bulk of the program - getting CENTERED. While these program pillars are laid out in a linear fashion, they don't always work that way. Centering happens throughout all times, across the duration of the program, and the duration of your life. Centering involves getting to truly know & understand yourself in ways you haven't before. This is where you'll get deeper insight into your patterns (and how to change them), self-sabotage, inner blocks, fears, resistance...as well as your values, your motivators, your gifts, your purpose, your path, your desires and dreams. This is where it all lies - your present ability to alchemize yourself into a new version of you, expanding into the future you most desire. Some modalities we might use, depending on your specific needs, include:

- Gestalt

- Neuro Linguistic Programming

- Guided Meditation

- Guided Visualizations

- Embodied Journaling 

- Somatic Practices

- Dance/Movement Practices

- Intuitive Movement Method

- Goal-Setting Aligned with Gut, Heart, and Head

...& again, the actual coaching sessions themselves, in which we dialogue to uncover your unique path and process, and discover how I can best support you as you evolve into your most intuitive, aware, aligned way of being.


Typically, this is where we spend the least amount of time together. This is because surrender can't be taught - it can only be experienced, and lived. I will guide you towards your version of surrender, but this truly happens within. The main ways this happens is through devotion to a higher power (God, Universe, Spirit, Source, Gaia). I will guide you towards ways to create more devotion, as this is the final key in creating a pure channel for inspiration to flow to and through you.

root - center - surrender
the path of embodied intuition

When you live intuitively, you automatically become more empowered, more embodied in your gifts, and enjoy life more deeply. You make decisions confidently, knowing that your guidance comes from a deep place of truth within. You move through life with more authenticity & awareness. You fulfill your soul's mission here on earth, knowing that you are divinely supported in each choice you make. You serve the world in exactly the way you're meant to.

What clients are saying...


"I love stepping into a session with Steph and feeling her love & support for me through her grounded, friendly energy. Stephanie is a true divine representation of an embodied coach. The way she listens, leads and guides using a blend of her own intuition, wisdom and passion has expanded and impacted my ability to make shifts and changes to step more into my own power. Because of Steph's support, I am aligning and creating more of what I want in my life."

- Sara