I love humans and believe in their potential so much that I decided to make it my job to guide you into your full awesomeness.
But there's so much that happened before I got here...

I remember sitting in a hot spring in Big Sur, looking over the cliffs at waves crashing on autumn flowers, in a seemingly perfect moment next to a man who said he loved me...


& I wasn't happy.


I remember following the job that I thought I "should" do in order to be "successful"...

& I wasn't happy.


I remember living by the beach but not being happy, because I wasn't living my purpose.

More than anything, I remember how every single romantic relationship, I changed & covered up bits and pieces of myself to be a 'better fit' for my partner. 


Over and over again, I changed myself for the world.


I quieted my desires, thinking they were wrong or bad. 

I didn't speak up, for fear of rocking the boat.

I kept my voice and my life small, because deep down, I cared most about being loved and accepted. But eventually I realized, I wasn't getting real, true love or acceptance by living this way.


I had moments of following my truth, and on the outside I always seemed happy to others. But so often, on the inside I felt trapped. And all I wanted was to be truly free - 

Free to be fully myself in all situations

Free to be in my authentic expression

Free to pursue whatever felt most inspiring to me, without worrying if it was the "right" choice,

Free to follow my gut feelings without constant thoughts about what others would think

Free to just be me, unedited,

And live the life I was meant for. 

It wasn't until I hired an embodiment coach that everything shifted. 

Before that, I had done tons of yoga, meditation, spiritual seeking, affirmations, manifestation, personal development work, etc, but to no avail -
I kept somehow repeating the same patterns in my life - the same type of dissatisfaction in my career path, the same unhealthy relationship pattern of giving myself away to make my partner comfortable... And then I'd blame myself for it, because I knew better.

But as I came to learn, knowing better doesn't always mean doing better. Sometimes we have to move feel in order to heal

Your brain/thoughts is just one part of you. Your body is the gatekeeper to your emotions, energy, and spirit - and THIS is where transformation lies. Within ALL those layers, and within the body.


When I found embodiment, my life freaking CHANGED. Like really, deeply changed.


The big inner shifts finally happened. Of course, they're still happening - growth and expansion is eternal. But now it's happening in a bigger, more tangible way.


When I incorporated the body into my transformation, I finally started to set myself free. 

I had been practicing dance and yoga my whole life, but kept them at arm's length from my personal transformation journey. Once I learned & incorporated embodiment & somatic practices such as breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) AKA Tapping, embodied journaling, embodied emotional expression, primal screaming, face stretching, communication with the body (in a super real way), and so much more...my body was no longer compartmentalized in my life. She became my biggest ally, guide, and teacher. This is where the big shift happened for me, and I know can happen for you.

I learned how our past (including trauma), and even our ancestors' pasts, live in our DNA & nervous system. I started learning that without addressing the nervous system, all the mindset work is moot. Mindset work as a primary self-development tool is missing all the other layers of our being - body, spirit, energy, emotions.

Once I became more embodied, I started to hear my intuition LOUD AND CLEAR.
And THAT is when my life started to change in big ways.
The combination of embodiment & intuition was so crucial to me stepping into big changes (such as a huge career shift, breaking ancestral patterns and wounds, inner child healing, becoming a more empowered woman, standing up as my true self in all relationships).
As soon as I started living in my more true, free, authentic life, I knew that I wanted to share this magic with others.
It's too powerful and fun to keep to myself.

I know too many women who have done the same as me -

Quieted your voice to make others comfortable

Said "yes" when you meant "no", and vice versa

Done everything to not "rock the boat"

Sacrificed your true, authentic self to keep a relationship

Stayed with a job you don't like in order to please others

Felt shame or guild about your true desires


It is my mission to walk alongside you

And remind you

That you are worthy.

You deserve the life you dream of. 

You deserve to speak your truth.

You deserve to be exactly who you are, unfiltered, all the time.

You deserve to be free.